What To Bring To Jordan!

Illustration by: Rasha Hussain

So, you’ve booked your flight to Jordan. Finally right? I mean, you’ve seen pictures of your friends in Wadi Rum, or grew up watching Lawrence of Arabia and your itch for visiting this monumental country is finally being scratched! So, what to bring?

It all depends on when you’re coming. One thing I’ve always said is that Jordan takes its seasons pretty seriously. In the winter, many people have described the cold as “you can feel it in your bones” and in the Summer it can get up to a staggering 40 degrees Celsius! But whichever season, Jordan is beautiful anytime of the year.

With clothes, men can usually get away with wearing whatever they want, so don’t second guess those shorts that you have been dying to wear! However with women it’s a different story. Depending on the area that you are staying in, you can get away with wearing different things. In west Amman, women can wear dresses, tank tops, skirts but nothing too skimpy since there will be cat calling! In more preserved areas, a long sleeve cotton t shirt and jeans should be perfect! But don’t forget to pack a light sweater for the night since it gets pretty chilly.

If you’re like me and get tomato red in the sun, I highly recommend you bring sun block. If you’re planning on coming in mid-august and visiting Petra (why wouldn’t you?!) sun block is your new best friend.
Flip flops are a must! Sure, people use them for swimming but they’re great for walking in the streets of Amman with. Ammans streets are usually spotless so don’t fret about getting your soles dirty.
There are many creams that have a mosquito repellent in them that can help you out here in Amman since the summer is the high season for mosquitoes!

Whatever you choose to bring don’t forget that camera! There are so many beautiful sights to see and so many beautiful people to look at!
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