Falling for Jerash

Jordan is a country filled with beautiful and diverse sites and artifacts. Historical treasures from rich Roman, Biblical and early Islamic history can still be seen today all around the country.

Called the “Pompeii of the East,” Jerash is not only Jordan’s cultural capital, but also a magnificent landmark equal to Petra. A city Steeped in history and witness to an unbroken chain of various civilizations, this ancient city will make you feel as though you’ve entered the territory of H.G. Wells. Prepare to get your mind blown away!

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Here are reasons why should you add Jerash to your bucket list

1- There’s an inescapable feeling as though you’ve arrived in Greece or Rome. The place is dripping with history, and the ruins are beautifully preserved.

.2- One of the ten great Roman cities under the umbrella of the “Decapolis,” Jerash (or Gerasa, as it was once called), will make you truly realize the depth and breadth of the Roman Empire.

3- There is a Hippodrome where chariot races are performed. If you loved “Gladiator,” you can take in one of the smallest hippodromes in the Roman Empire: it used to seat around 5,000 (the largest, by contrast, was in Constantinople, and could seat over 60,000).

4- The unmistakable Hadrian’s Arch, which is a carbon copy of the several that are floating around the world (one of them is in London), is a great photo spot. Once you’ve crossed this arch you will find yourself privy to the majesty of the hills studded with historic ruins.

5-The second largest “Temple of Artemis,” in the world, next only to the “Temple of Diana” (one of the Ancient Wonders of the World) is in Jerash. Once you view the massive Corinthian Columns, you’ll realize how impressive a feat of engineering this Temple is.

 6- Reborn as a Christian city in the Byzantine era, Jerash is home to several churches. At least 15 Byzantine churches have been found here, and many believe there are several more waiting to be unearthed.

7- From the Temple of Zeus with its unmistakable Ionic columns, to the Temple of Dionysus, Jerash gives you an in depth lesson in the art of the ancient temples of worship.

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