Jordanian Do’s and Don’ts.

I’m going to write a list of Jordan faux pas and encouragable actions to make your stay that much sweeter.
Say Salaam Alaykum, Marhaba, Ahlan (all meaning hello) to fellow Jordanians. We appreciate the effort and probably reply in English to show the same appreciation!
Say derogatory things in English, most Jordanians speak English as a second language, some even as a first language!

Make yourself at home when invited to somebodies house. We love seeing you comfortable, it makes us feel like great hosts! 
Put your feet up facing somebodies face. The soles of your feet can be seen as a great insult and will usually leave people feeling upset

Eat a lot when invited to a homecooked meal! Imagine Jordan as your grandmother that loves to feed you! Don’t feel shy when asking for more!
Even if you’re full and can’t eat but you’re invited out to dinner, don’t refuse to eat and offer to wait till they’re finished to talk and hangout. You sit yourself on that table, have a few bites and smile. The host will take great offence and take it personally.

These little tips will surely help you with your stay and make it just a tad bit more special! 
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