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Who doesn’t love travel!! We all do! But sometimes it can be a hustle! From packing, airport security, airplane food to long layovers that’s no name a few! Whether your visiting Jordan soon or prepping for a vacation, here are some tips I learned from my own travels around the globe!

Fly light
Try traveling with a carry on only! This way you’d avoid standing in line in long check in cues! Check in online & you can go straight to security right when you get to the airport. Brilliant!

Shower Cap your Shoes
I read this tip in BuzzFeed & been doing it ever since. I wrap my shoes in a shower cap this way I create space & prevent dirt on shoes from touching my clean clothes.

Bye Bye Over Wight!
Wear layers, including the heaviest items to get past security. Then head to the nearest WC and switch out of the clothes & put them in your carry on! This way you’ll never fear going over the wight limit again!

Stay Safe
If you are travelling alone i recommend that you sleep near other travelers. Also sleep within video camera range & close to the security office if possible, you don’t want that new I phone or Tab to go missing while you’re sleeping, do you! ;) Be smart and be safe!

Alarm clock Post-it
Don’t fear missing your flight while sleeping .ff you are travelling alone just take a pen and some colorful  post-it notes. Write a "Wake me at 7:00 AM" note and stick a few on yourself and the seats around you -- it works. People will notice and will wake you up! Tried & tested!

Don’t Dress To Impress
Dress comfortable! Wear slip-on shoes, my favorite shoes to travel with are my TOMS or my Converse, because I can easily slip them on and off. Pack a scarf, socks and a light blanket in your carry-on! You may think it sounds silly, but inside airport & airplanes can get pretty cold day or night.

Don’t forget the snacks!
Buy some snacks before you reach the airport especially if you have an overnight flight or layover. Allot of restaurants & snack shops close after a certain time at night. Keep them dry, like chips, dried fruits, protein bars & chocolates , they will take the hunger off while you’re waiting for your flight.

Tip: Some food shops at airports tend to give away food for free as they close to sleepers, so keep looking out & snoop around.

Portable Life Saver
Invest in a small portable charger for your mobile you don’t want to disconnect or get stranded while you’re at the airport. It’s small & handy & you can use it on the Airplane to!

Offline Maps
I don’t like technology but Google maps are another life saver! You can use it offline to when you don’t have WiFi! But you need to download the Google Maps app in advance including importing places you are likely to visit in your destination.

Book a window seat
It’s my go to seat always because I love watching the take off and landing. It feels more private it also helps me get better sleep when I have place to rest my head to. Well whether you flying from or to Amman, I hope my tips will help somehow, I will be writing more tips soon till then if you have any other tips please share comment below!
Happy & Safe Travels!

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