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Start your Jordanian vacation in the capital city of Amman. Explore its interesting diversity and influences from Roman Ruins to spice markets .While there  is a lot to do in Jordan, here are some light and fun things you can do around Amman on weekends:
1. Visit the Citadel
Located in the center of downtown Amman you’ll find the ancient ruins of the Citadel. The site sits high on a hill and provides full panoramic views of the city.
The most fascinating thing about this historical site is that it’s one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places dating back to the Neolithic period.

2. Make your own Perfume
Ever had the chance to choose from hundreds of scents to create your own perfume? It definitely beats shopping in a department store!
In downtown Amman, there are tons of little perfume shops where you can test out musks and floral fragrances and bottle up your favorite. They even have some of the popular name brand perfumes like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, but for a fraction of the price.
3. Arabian Horseback Riding
If you have the opportunity to do some back ridding, visit the Arabian Horse Club of Amman or The Saifi Stables both at the Queen Alia Airport Street. We have to admit it is a pretty special experience. This is a perfect vacation outing for a family with kids after all who wouldn’t like the chance to ride an Arabian horse at a young age!
Arabian horses have a reputation for being some of the most good-natured of all breeds. They are also the prized horses of the native desert bedouin people of Jordan.
4. Learn to Cook Arabic Food
Probably the most fun activity in Amman! Beit Sitti is an Arabic cooking school hosted in a cozy home style setting. You’ll learn to cook delicious Jordanian style food; like hummus, saffron rice and Msakhan.
Beit Sitti is located in the old beautiful area of  Al Weibde , here is a list of some rooms and flats that have so much character around that area (Gweet link).
5. Try Sugar Cane Juice
In Italy you can grab a pizza anywhere, in New York, you can grab a hot dog on just about every street corner. In Mexico, street tacos are easy to come by. In downtown Amman, be sure to try some of the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.
The flavor is refreshing and cool, but also a sweet and yummy treat! It’s the perfect afternoon refreshment! Especially if you visit Amman in the summer.
6. Relax at a Turkish Bath
For all you spa lovers, a traditional Turkish bath is quite the experience. You spend the day being pampered in nothing but your birthday suit!
Don’t worry, men and women are separated into different rooms. After a hot jacuzzi, warm and cold saunas and a full body scrub, you leave feeling fresher and softer than a baby’s bum!
For the most authentic baths that keep the oriental flare try Al Lela Wa Lela Bath in Al Madina Al Munawarah Street or Al Pasha Turkish Bath in 1st Circle.
7. Visit a Spice Shop
A flavorful and colorful visit to the spice shop is a must! There are countless spices, nuts and other goodies! There are plenty of shops down town in Souq Al Sukar, also Abu Al sham and kabatilo are famous shops for good quality spice goods.
A few traditional Arabic spices you may not have heard of are Za’atar ( a must) and Sumak. Be sure to grab some spices to bring back home to cook with!
8. Enjoy a cup of Arabic Coffee.
Arabic coffee can be distinguished between two types; Turkish and Saudi. In Jordanian tradition, coffee is served in small portions and the host/waiter will continue to serve more until the guest gestures he/she has had enough.
9. Indulge in Mezze
Food is a very important part of Jordanian culture and mezze is the most popular style of eating. Mezze is basically what tapas or appetizers might be to other parts of the world; small plates cover the table before the main courses are served.
Mezze is traditionally an assortment of hummus, fattoush (my personal favorite), falafel , baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, olives and pickles. If you are a vegetarian then get ready to live a vegetarian’s dream!
10. Visit the Royal Automobile Museum
Last, but not least, be sure to check out the Royal Automobile Museum in Amman. It showcases the private collection of cars and motorcycles of the late King Hussein from the early 1920′s through present day.

It’s an impressive collection (even if you’re not a big car fan). The museum showcases the automobiles in chronological order and is a fun way to learn about the history of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
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