Are You A Good Gweet Guest?

Imagine how you would want a guest to treat your apartment if you were not there.  we’ve noticed a few things that hosts here in Jordan either request or seem to really appreciate if you take the initiative and do while staying at there place.

Follow these tips, and you’ll get tip-top reviews and be welcomed back to any of 
apartment rentals anytime:

Arrange For Your Arrival

If the host is meeting you to hand over the keys, or is getting a friend to do it on their behalf, chances are its kind of messing up their day. They might have to duck out of work for a while, or plan other chores around you.

So make sure you’ve told your host exactly when you plan to arrive, and make sure you’ve got their cell number saved. That way if your plane is delayed or Visa lines at Queen Alia Airport are even longer than usual, you can give them maximum advance warning that you’ll be late.

If It’s a Long Stay

If you’re staying in a host’s apartment in Jordan for more than a week, it’s a good idea to drop them a quick text or email every week or so just to reassure them that everything’s fine and you’re taking care of their place.

And if there’s anything you’re unsure about (like where the best place is to get laundry done locally, or if they have spare towels), hosts will never mind if you ask. Just text or email rather than calling so you can’t accidentally inconvenience them.

Keep It Tidy & Replace Anything you've Brocken

It’s possibly only me that needs this advice – but somehow I break something in every place we stay. But note to potential Gweet hosts: I’m always very apologetic and replace it right away.

Even if you’re not as clumsy as I am, you can do wonders for your hosts in Jordan by stripping the bed, taking out the trash and having a tidy-up before you leave. You’ll normally be paying a cleaning fee so there’s no need to leave it immaculate, but the host will appreciate you being considerate.

Leave A Note

Just before or after you leave, leave a note or send the host an email with anything they should know about your stay.

In my case I tend to have to apologies for something I’ve broken, but there’s often something else that’s worth passing on: a neighbor who popped round with a message, or something you’ve noticed that needs fixing.

Even if there’s not much to report, send a note of thanks and let them know if you particularly enjoyed any of their recommendations.

Leave A Fair Review

Reviews are essential to (you probably took them pretty seriously when you were choosing where to stay before traveling to Jordan), so be a good Gweet-er and leave one of your own.

We don’t think it’s fair to mention anything in your review that you didn’t give the host a chance to fix – so if there was only one towel between three of you, only gripe about it if you mentioned it to the host and they refused to do anything about it. Also, don’t complain about anything that should have been obvious from the description or previous reviews (like it being a long way from the main street or bus stop).

If you do have anything the host could do better next time, you get a chance to leave a private message at the same time as your review. Don’t be afraid of making suggestions here, because most hosts genuinely want to know how they can improve.

Is there anything else you do as a guest that you think is a good idea? Or are you a Gweet host who wishes guests would do something more often? Let us know in the comments section please.

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