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Why is it that children are anxious to purchase the latest video game that hits the stalls while their parents are eager to drive their attention to something else? Many speculations have risen making the world believe that video games are a harmful entity, believing that it could dent their children’s future, making them violent and influencing them to act in a disruptive behavior. I met up with the founder of the British Gaming Association who goes by the username, Kirilix to dive deeper into this situation. Kirilix made a number of valid points that explains to us how video games can actually help you.

1. It can make you smarter.
Many games like Starcraft, Red Alert, and World In Conflict can help you think and plan ahead. Your faced with quests and tasks and instead of doing the first thing that occurs in your mind, it teaches you to take a minute and think what possible consequences may arise from your actions.

2. It builds confidence.
Kirilix told me as a child he was bullied, so he was left most nights with his playstation playing Mortal Kombat. He mentioned that every time he won a fight it made him feel better. He says
“Beating Subzero (the toughest player) felt like a real accomplishment to me, I walked out of my room that day and felt good about myself.

3. It helps develop teamwork.
The latest craze nowadays is the videogame “League of Legends”. You can play solo or most likely play with a bunch of other people. Each player depending on the other. Kirilix says
“We always start the game by typing in “GL” (good luck), saying positive things when one of our teammates does something good and always end the game with “GG” (good game).
I personally grew up with games such as Legend of Zelda and Mario World and the way it has helped me is that it helped form my imagination. It taught me to dream big and not limit myself.

Kirilix told me something crucial, he mentioned that the only way games are violent is that if they have the same environment at home. For example if somebody is playing a game such as Call of Duty and their parents already have guns at home, it is seen as somewhat of a normal thing to pick it up and imitate what they’re playing but don’t worry, these cases are extremely rare. So buy your children that game they’ve always wanted but don’t forget to give them a break so they can play outside!
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